The Actress

Nicole is an accomplished actress with a versatile filmography, but her passion is in producing writing and acting in horror.  From a young age horror films became her go to for visual entertainment.  Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween, and The Shining stood as her top three most beloved films properties.

“I think Nicole Kruex has star written all over her, from her accent to her Amy Winehouse resemblance; she really sells this film and gets you involved. ”

Always searching for films that challenge her abilities, Nicole’s most coveted roles are in the sub genre of psychological and mind bending terror.  Her leading roles in films like ‘After the Dawn’, ‘Paranormalice’ and co-staring role in the anthology ‘American Horror X’ are a few of her more favorite performances.

Currently Nicole works at Midwest Massacre Studios as an actress, producer and writer in the horror genre.  She is producing and acting in films and television content independently accompanied by her directing partner, Mitchel A. Jones.

“Nicole is esthetically gifted in virtually every shot with appeal of an exotic run-way model yet the grace and poise of an ordinary every day woman…”

To contact Nicole for acting roles please visit the “Contact Me” page and detail your film and the role you are seeking her to fill.  Please be aware, she is not available for deferred pay productions but if you feel your film has subject matter she would be interested in considering please submit your logline and contact info on the “contact” page form.