Frizzy hair, don’t care? Well if you do and here’s how to love it!!

*typical hair on the daily

I am a frizzball.

I spend a lot of time and money for my frizz.  It’s the reality I live with that I assumed I couldn’t fight without dropping hundreds a month at a salon.  Healthy hair means soft and shiny hair that grows.  I’m crazy jealous of all those proudly displayed extensions plastered across the Instagram like victory badges you hope only your five closest girl friends are keen to.

Healthy hair means soft and shiny hair that grows.

I was never concerned about it before.  I had long hair, at least long enough. It was a tangled rats nest but I could get a brush through it when necessary!  I am proud of the natural waves my heritage injected into my locks.  Only… there was something more out there that no one had told me about.   I began to weave through the traffic of beauty bloggers and hair masters like Guy Tang and Brad Mondo.  I quickly realized my hair could be more then the strands my parents endowed me with.  There are colors, shapes styles and lengths out there that I had clearly neglected researching.   I was focused on facial presentation and forgot how hair can just as quickly change your social interactions.

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Long hair, short hair and all of the lengths and textures in between.  It is just as much fun to experiment with hair as colors in a shadow palette and I wanted in!!     But first things first I needed to fix the damage I’d ignored for the past century.

What I did for sexy hair!!

I tried so many things.  Hairfinity, Revlon, Paul Mitchell.  All of which had results to some degree but the one thing that really worked… I mean REALLY worked was a hairmask I tried from Somerfield Beauty.  Accompanied with a protein booster this incredible hair mask took soft supple locks to a whole new level!!  In 20 mins my frizz-ball was as smooth and sleek as a bond girl.. even after the heat of a hair dryer!

The mask kit is really cool.  After shampooing your hair you apply the protein booster.  I recommend starting at your ends and traveling back to your scalp to make sure the driest areas of your hair can soak in those nomsical nutrients.  Then open the mask packet and pile your strands inside the cap.  It is already teaming with the magic hair love so your fingers stay goop free.  The cap is size adjustable and will fit almost any size head!!   Massage the contents into your hair from outside the cap, and wait.  It mentions on the packaging that you CAN add heat to increase the effectiveness of the system but on this first try I let the kit speak for itself without any help.

Times up!

It was time to rinse.  The product left my wet tresses feeling smooth and healthy.  I was sure it would regain a coarse texture after the product was rinsed, but not this time!!  It stayed smooth and untangled.  I was optimistic!!  I was time to towel and blow dry, and I assumed this would be the downfall of the mask.  My hair rarely bounces back where heat is concerned.


Somerfield changed my perception on what products can do for hair.  My naturally wavy mane was now wavy with purpose! It was sleek, shiny and dare I say sexy?!  I immediately messaged the company because I was, and am in love.

*still taken from video showing the product results.  Unaltered.


What about Hair Growth?

With a weekly routine in my pocket I knew I needed a healthy boost in vitamins to encourage growth.  That’s when I discovered Hairberry!  I knew of the dozens of other brands of gummy vitamins but a few things stuck out to me that I didn’t vibe with.  Some are marketed to 12 year olds and as an adult, I’m not buying the gimmick.  Some are incredibly expensive, and some just taste horrible.  What I love about Hairberry it that everything about it feels natural, from the sophisticated marketing to the ingredients.   No unnatural colors, textures or girls in wild colored wigs in their marketing imagery.  I love the choice of women they select to represent the brand.  I love that they don’t build weird objects or wear the gummies as necklaces and hair decorations.


Why Hairberry over other popular brands?

Truth is I’m not 18, and though I think those things are fun for teenagers?  I wanted a brand I could grow with and not feel like a child ingesting.  I DID search though options from pharmacies and grocery stores but I wanted a vegan gummy and that is hard to find offline.  Hairberry met all of my requirements!!  It is free of artificial colors or additives like “Blue 1” for example, which is a cute color but is the same chemical used to dye textiles.  I’m not really keen on ingesting blue jean dye, especially if it has no nutritional value and could to any degree be harmful.  Vitamins like Hairberry rely on natural fruit tint for color and I appreciate their attention to my health rather then attention to celebrity representation.

What about cost?

Well, this depends on your interest in investment in your hair.  Somerfield masks range from $14 for a single cap to $130 for a nine week treatment plan with protein boosters.  IF your hair is in need of help, I think this makes more sense then a single salon visit with short term results.  Hairberry checks in at $27 per bottle to a bundle pack of 6 at $145 which is just slightly less expensive or on par with most VEGAN gummies.  I must specify VEGAN because you WILL pay a bit more to remain cruelty free in gummy form.  Less expensive options are either pills or made with animal bone, skin and cartilage.  I find both an affordable investment in better, stronger sexier hair and an easy to follow regimen!

Final Thoughts

What I love about both these brands is that they are 100% cruelty free, natural and healthy for you inside and out.  Somerfield has immediate results, and I will see very soon what Hairberry does for me.  The good news is it contains Biotin which is one of the most important elements in encouraging hair growth, so there is no reason it wouldn’t provide me the length I long for!!  I hope you do give either of both of these products a try and if you do, please comment below with your experience!

Love you babes,

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