Red Lip Roulette


The color palette experience… for dummies.


This was a question I asked myself every time I veered outside neutral colors at Sephora.   So venturing into the color wheel of kissable possibilities was, for lack of better words, f-ing frightening.  I was almost jealous of all of the Instagram girls who flaunted these incredible lush lip colors in my feed like I wasn’t already tortured enough knowing I had more options then dusty rose.  Add to that the cost of possibly buying the wrong color, was I suppose to permanently drawer a $17.00 off color Mac lipstick?!

No sir, I am not that fabulous.

So in my pouty first world depression I did what any tightly budgeted but seemingly adventurous make-up nerd would do.  I took to Amazon, YES… Amazon.   I am an Amazon veteran of epic proportions.  I’m primed now, undergrounded and mobile video savvy (didn’t know you could watch prime movies on your phone did you?)  I even have a few of those dash buttons around the house to have pantry essentials like toilet paper and water delivered to my door step with a simple click.  I am 100% Ama-literate so what better place to shop for the lest financially invasive way to calm my lip color fears?

And that’s when I found it…  The lip palette of my dreams.


At $5 less then a single stick of MAC, Maybelline New York’s Lip Studio Lip Color Palette is a $12 dollar solution to $136 in possible lip shade fails!!  It arrives in eight glorious shades of creamy crimson, each tone more kissable then the last.  The applicator isn’t perfect, but usable, and the slim packaging fits easily into most trifold clutch for luscious lips on the go!

From Nude to Wine, the shades Maybelline selected are a testament to it’s 100 years of cosmetic expertise and the creamy texture is like velvet on the lips.

The negatives?  For all the amazing pros, I also have a a con that is only relevant if you are the girl who only applies your lippy once a day.  I would NOT consider this a 12 hour wear lip color if you do anything that requires use of your lips throughout your day.

Let me say it has a beautiful lasting stain without being obnoxious… but it will potentially rub off a bit with each drink, taste of food, or kiss you may engage in.  But lets be honest, that’s what you pay $17 a color for.

Glam on Rockstars!
-Gore Girl out.

GoreGirl Gorgeous Rating:  8/10


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