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A Mediterranean Lifestyle; Old World, New Trend

In a growing world of ‘get it now’ everything. it’s a wonder how we keep up. Fast food, fast cars, fast Amazon delivery that has ruined our online shopping experience with other companies FOREVER. One would think we would have developed fast results in the one area that boasts a $72 BILLION dollar price tag.

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Yes, you heard me. SEVENTY TWO BILLION.

But for some things, dedication to time and effort is not only rewarding but achievable on a realistic budget. That’s where searching for the right combination of things to promote a healthy body and skin can guarantee a long-lasting incredible result IF you are willing to put in the work.

So let me introduce to you, the Mediterranean lifestyle.

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This isn’t about a fad and often dangerous diet, or a get healthy quick scheme; but a change in how you treat your entire body for long-lasting results.

There is no company behind this movement, no Atkins or South Beach driven by the all mighty dollar to convince you to buy a book, it’s simply a time tested way of treating our body to better foods, mindset, and care.

Astonishing concept, right?

But this is how some European cultures have been living longer with less skin and health issues than those of us in the US.

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The Plan

For the month of March, I will be embarking on a 30-day Mediterranean emersion. I’ll be changing my diet to focus on foods and drink based in Greek, Italian and Spanish cultures.

I will add a few items to my skincare routine from Katari Beauty a beauty company founded on thousands of years of Mediterranean skincare rituals including a Hoba Oil moisturizer and Roseau Tonic Water (more on these in a video to follow).

And finding time for myself with both meditation and exercise (simple exercise because I hate moving)

Self-care is a free commodity, but it DOES take time. I’m hoping with my journey I can encourage you to invest a little in yourself for a happier healthier future with a plan you can actually stick to. Expect this video to drop around the second week of April with full results and details on every step of my journey… even recipes!

Thanks for reading!

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