Frizzy hair, don’t care? Well if you do and here’s how to love it!!

*typical hair on the daily

I am a frizzball.

I spend a lot of time and money for my frizz.  It’s the reality I live with that I assumed I couldn’t fight without dropping hundreds a month at a salon.  Healthy hair means soft and shiny hair that grows.  I’m crazy jealous of all those proudly displayed extensions plastered across the Instagram like victory badges you hope only your five closest girl friends are keen to.

Healthy hair means soft and shiny hair that grows.

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Cupping? Why you need it in your life and your beauty routine.


Any time I post about this on my social accounts, I’m always met with a combination of confusion… and intrigue.  Cupping is old school Eastern Medicine, but still hasn’t quite made it’s rounds in the US market in the way I think it should.  In fact when it comes to most organic alternative medicine, the American healthcare system always seems to be the awkward kid in the corner at parties.  So what it is really that makes me such an advocate?    I guess I just really want to believe in anything I can do for my body that doesn’t involve invasive surgery, or synthetic drugs.

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I’m a sweet tooth.

There I said it, this addiction of mine is insatiable.  Chocolates, gummies, licorice, taffy… if it contains sugar I will eat a quadruple serving bag of it and wonder why I didn’t buy one more for good measure.

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